Eat Fast & Live Longer Challenge Nov 2013

The Eat, Fast and Live longer Challenge for me.

Last week aired the “Eat, Fast and Live Longer” diet. The show created a lot of talk amongst my friends and clients. So I thought I would share with you some of the questions and myths they brought up and my own personal point of view on fasting and this new top selling diet.

So, if you have been asleep this week and haven’t heard all the mums talking about this diet, and missed the launch of Dr Michael Mosley’s new series in Australia. The UK doctor’s diet was developed whilst researching a drug-free way to control his diabetes. After some gruelling experiments with strict fasting regimes he came up with the popular 5:2 diet, which was the subject of the documentary Eat, Fast and Live Longer, which was screened last week in Australia.

Here is my opinion on this new diet. Dr Mosley says he has lost 12kg, no longer has diabetes and has reduced his cholesterol. He also no longer snores!! All of these we would also achieve from reducing our body fat and overall weight by 12kg. So in my opinion it’s not about the benefits of how amazing Dr Mosley claims this diet is. But more about the practical manner and our own motivation on how we pop this diet into our lives.

The brief synopsis of this diet is, you restrict your food intake to 500/600 calories on two days and then eat normally the other five days.

I actually like this pattern mainly because I am used to restrictive fasting as I undertake a fast most months. This plan is not for everyone, but then why should we assume we all fit into one eating style!!

I am a non-meat eater and have been since I was 11years old. This means I perhaps don’t feel as hungry as some would do on this plan. I would also like to share that when it comes to feeling hungry it doesn’t get worse as the days go on!!! You feel hungry, and that’s that!! It’s not going to hurt you, to restrict calories for a day or two each week and feel a bit hungry 2 days out of 7. There are lots of diet myths out there, and the 1200 calories per day, one diet fits all, just doesn’t work for a lot of people. It will, I think eventually die out. These diets just don’t reap long term results for many of us, are hard to follow long term and all-consuming. 1200cals a day just doesn’t always get us to drop weight!!! But what always does is a fast.

Saying that, we do need a lot more research in this area to establish the facts on how long and how often is safe to do them. I run a detox clinic I am used to clients coming in experimenting with all sorts of diets. The main thing I have learnt is that we all have different digestive systems, and different foods affect us all in different ways. High protein diets for some cause constipation, but for others are perfect, they feel full and great!! If I ate a high protein diet I would feel unwell, bloated, Windy and constipated!!! Others need to eat small snacks every 4 hours or they feel faint, tired and their blood sugar drops etc.

So my view on this eating program is this. Like many diets out there it will suit some of us and not others. It is down to us as individuals to create the best eating plan for ourselves with preferably the help of a nutritionist that specialises in the digestive system. You just can’t eat things because someone tells you too!!! You MUST LISTEN to your body, your stomach, bowel etc.  If Apples cause bloating, then stop eating them!!! If you have increased protein for a weight loss and are now constipated, bloated and feeling horrible then chances are this is not the right eating plan for you!!!

I am on week two of this new plan, and so far so good. I have hidden the scales to avoid getting disheartened. So when I get to the end of the six weeks I will update this blog with my final thoughts and the exact results.

Good luck with your own food journey.