Kids Back at School now its time for you to snap back into action

Well, today we saw our delightful children step back through the school gates, enthused with the joys of starting a new year, a new class and possibly make new friends.

So what about YOU!!!......... Is it time for a coffee morning with friends or time to take a look at feeling good again? 

Like many of you out there, my weight tends to fluctuate from Summer through to Winter!!!! I take it off for Summer, then put a bit back on during the winter!!! Yep very tiresome. I find like most of us out there that at times I am my worse enemy!!! creating raw treats and then consuming way too many of them when they are ment for the kids school lunchboxes........

So those who know me, know I love a detox and a trying new supplements, homeopathic drops or superblends etc, Why??? because when I do them that's when I feel at my optimum health.

I wish I was like those 20%ers that I meet in my clinic, I wish I was perfect!!!! God Dam

OK, so I am now venturing into the Hcg world again, the last time I did this program was two years ago, I had such dramatic weight loss results that I fell in love with these drops. Now having said that it is for 26 or 42 days only, due to the restricted intake of food, I would strongly suggest that you seek your GP's advice before you start as its not reccomended if your on antidepressants or heart medication or pregnant.

Now before you judge me!!! check out my weight loss so far. This is a realistic weightloss for me. I am in my mid 40's, female, exercise 4 times per week and a non meat eater!! Everyone is different! and I know I lose weight slowly. So no mattter what the marketing push tells you, remember its your body and it will only do what it can. Don't compare your scores to others as you will more than likely be disapointed and quit.

Hcg weightloss

70.9kg on day one

69.2kg day two

68.5kg day three

67.9 day four

Then I got my lady friend visit!!! so the weight loss stopped during that time. Thats ok, all normal, as we hold onto fluids etc during this time. So I am not going to panic, just let my body do what it needs to do.

67.7kg day 12 ok so now the weight will drop but it will start to slow down. I know how my body works too well!!!