GREEN MENU Number 1 (Pick up) - 3 Day Cleanse Pack


GREEN MENU Number 1 (Pick up) - 3 Day Cleanse Pack


GREEN MENU Number 1 - 900 cals Sample menu

Wake up

Lemon Water (not Supplied)


Mango Chia Pudding with coconut Yoghurt

Mid Morning Snack

Cold Press Juice 1


Lemon, parsley and chickpea salad

Mid Afternoon Snack

Cold Press Juice 2


Radish and Lentil Salad

As well as your daily supply of fresh, wholesome food, this package also contains the following:

2g Matcha tea (enough for 2 cups)

Probiotics & Digestive Enzymes supplements

Wheatgrass 'shot of the day'

full of vitamins to give your immune system a mighty boost

Ginger ‘shot of the day’

to aid your digestion and help promote a healthy metabolism

NOTE: When ordering your are paying for 3 days worth of food. Does not include delivery. If you wish to have your pack delivered its and extra $10

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