Fresh Spring Cleanse Package

Recharge for Spring

Our new Spring Cleanse Package is the ultimate combination of detoxification and nutritional cleansing put together by
Melinda Atha a qualified nutritionist.

Get ready for:

  • Increased Energy
  • Glowing Skin and Sparkling Eyes
  • Reduced Stress
  • Digestive Relief
  • Gentle on the system cleanse


2 Far Infra-red Detox Bed Sessions

The Far Infra-Red Detox Bed enables the removal of heavy metal toxins such as mercury, lead.... It also aids in relaxation and the reduction of muscle aches and burns up to 600 calories in 30mins.

This package includes 2 sessions to ensure you get the best possible results throughout the cleanse.







1 Day Cold Pressed Juice Cleanse

The Cold Pressed Juice Cleanse Day gives the body an injection of pure nutrients which is quickly absorbed into the blood stream.

Juices are included and you can pick them up during your Cleanse Launch Consultation.

Supplied by:

30 Day Meal Plan

The 30 Day Meal Plan is a clean and vibrant meal plan specifically designed by Melinda who is a qualified nutritionist.

The Fresh Spring Cleanse is a great way to launch yourself into a positive mindset of health and keep you in tune with how your body is coping throughout the cold days and nights of winter.

Two Optional Colonic Hydrotherapy treatments

To get the best results we suggest choosing to include the optional Colonic Hydrotherapy Treatment which gets your digestive system in the best state for maximum nutrition absorption throughout the cleanse. This medical procedure removes toxins and plaque build up increasing bowel health.


The Spring Cleanse Package is only $150

The Spring Cleanse Package Plus is only $390 usually $440