Colonic Appointments

Colonic appointments at urBodiDetox are much more than you think. With each colonic appointment you receive an indivdual health assessment, which includes supplement advice, nutritional guidance & lifestyle changes, all aimed to improve your health needs. All advice is given by our qualified nutritional therapist.

Giving you much more than just a colonic

Initial Consultation and Colonic $120   Special Offer Only $110 (1 hr appt)

Initial Consultation, Colonic and Far Infrared Treatment  $135 (no dietary manual) (1 1/2 hr appt)

Follow-up Individual Colonic appointments  $110 (1 hour appt)

Detox Consultation & Colonic: Includes Nutritional Consultation & Detox Manual. $180 (1 1/2 hour appt)

Detox or Weightloss Consultation, Nutritional Consultation & Dietary Manual.  $100  (Increases in cost depending of length of consultation).

Detox plan sent via email without consultation. $10

Package of 3 Colonics  $300

Package of 6 Colonics  $580



Detox Consultation Packages

Detox Consultations can be added to the beginning or end of your colonic appointment making this a 11/2 hour appointment in total.

Your Detox consultation can be arranged as a separate appointment if you do not wish to have a colonic.

It can also be created and sent via email if you wish to start your detox before your colonic appointment. 


Each Detox Consultation includes:

  • 30min Detox Consultation
  • A detox dietary plan that has been tailored for you to follow,
  • 7days or 14days or a month detox plan. You choose!! We advice!!!
  • Supplement advice (practitioner branded supplements available to purchase) 
  • Lifestyle advice to improve detox
  • Step by step plan to rid yourself of toxins


Each detox is designed around your health needs.

You will need to complete a health screen.