HCG now in Perth and our clinic

This worldwide weightloss system has seen some amazing fast weightloss results for milions of people around the world.

How does AHCG work?

When used in combination with the low calorie diet, AHCG will aid your body in losing 0.5-1kg per day. The AHCG resets your metabolism and works to use up your abnormal fat storage as fuel/energy.


I recommend that all my clients read Pounds and Inches by Dr Simeons for a full understanding. Dr Simeon’s protocol involves the use of daily injections so disregard this information. The following information is for the hormone free program which is equally efficient and is non invasive.

The hCG diet is restrictive as you can imagine with only 500 calories and it does not allow for much variation. Most people find this a bonus as the focus is off food. Some people, however, struggle with the lack of choices and its repetitive nature. It is important to fully understand your role, although it works like magic it needs you to be 100% committed and do your bit.

Our program comes with a guide ebook which you follow daily to make it as simple as possible for you.

Have a look at the info on the website and if you have anymore questions drop me an email and I will get back to you.

8 Week individual program with consultation                    $150

urBodi now have a simple to follow Nurtitional Program

Our weight loss clients are given the option of having a consultation with the nutritionist who can offer advice on supplements, recipes, shopping etc. Assisting you with any of your health issues.

With consultation includes:
  • 1 hour initial consultation.
  • 7 follow up weigh in's 
  • Personal Nurtitional program and meal plan
  • Supplement Program
  • Blood Pressure Check up
  • Body fat, weight, measure & photo.     
  • Recipes
  • Supermarket shopping list
  • Personal training referrals and discounts 


Follow up appointments and weigh-in's (in Clinic)          $10 


  • 10mins appointment
  • Tips and motivating advice and challenges to keep you on track
  • weigh-in's
  • Dietary changes
  • Supplement changes        

Weight Loss Manual  -  (no consultation)                         $25

urBodi can arrange appointments for small groups or individuals.

You can schedule your weigh-in's weekly, online or monthly.

You can choose to just buy the eating program with or without a clinic consultation. Your plan can be created via phone and sent online to you.

Each week you can be given tips and advice to keep you challenged and motivated to stay on track.


We have close relationships with several personal trainers around the Joondalup/Wanneroo area and can arrange appointments for you at discounted rates. Please ask.


Prices are based on an individual appointments. If you ask for this program without consultation the price is reduced.