Getting to grips with automation in my business

This week I achieved some behind the scenes mini goals, these have been on my list of jobs for months if not years! I am not the most advanced when it come to atomizing my business, but over the last seven months i have to say with some persistence i am now starting to move forward with my business (THANKS TO TONY ROBBINS MOTIVATING ME!!) 

You may have noticed the NEW button on my website for BOOKING into my ONLINE CALENDAR Yayyyy... That was my first mini goal achieved and a big shout out to my hubby for working with me on this job, as i struggled at times to get it up and operational. Now that its been up and running for 6 months, I have to say its been the best thing for my business, giving me back more time to focus on clients and less time juggling call backs and making appointments.

The next step was to do the behind the scenes stuff!! like linking your information with my database so that i can automatically stay in contact with you. Which for the last 8 years i have never achieved. So this is massive step for me. This was not as straight forward as it sounds! I have no doubt for some of the more advanced business operators out there, you're probably thinking i am slow!!! oooooh yes I have to admit i have resisted this side of my business. BUT.......I now have no excuse, no more reasons why I CAN"T do things! no more reasons other than ME blocking out of fear!!! No more....... time to keep moving forward. 

So.... Whats next i hear you ask? Well, that's the million dollar question. Now i have all my clients at my fingertips i guess its time to keep this motivation moving forward. My brain is running on overdrive as i start to work though my next 6 months of goals and targets.. I will no doubt be sharing this with you all via, email and social media in a much easier and automated way.  Go ME!! 

1. Tips and advice pre and post appointment emails.

2. ebook and detox guide can now be sold and have somewhere to go!!!

3. Future events now have potential clients!!!

These are all just the beginning......

So if i can reach my goals, so can YOU!!!! Don't stop dreaming and reaching out for your goals even if you need to ask for help.